New MAN TGE Vans

Aspray24 bolsters its 24/7 Next Day delivery service

Aspray24, part of the Aspray Group, has just taken delivery of six New MAN TGE vans.

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Offroad & Traction

Successful pilot training for the tipper truck sector with MAN ProfiDrive

With its first “Offroad & Traction” training course, MAN ProfiDrive® has added a further module to its newly designed training courses for specific sectors, which is specially aimed at drivers of all-terrain MAN Construction Trucks.

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From the cab to the crosstrainer

Truckers get out and get moving

Working time is sitting time: that is probably a fair way to summarise the daily routine of a professional driver. And it’s true that long-distance drivers spend most of their days sitting down. Very few drivers do anything to compensate for the fact that their bodies spend most of the day in the same position.

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Sudden noises in your head

What can we do to alleviate acute tinnitus?

The noises in your ears are hardly audible during the daytime, but make their presence felt, as soon as silence returns to the vehicle’s cab. The noises, which start out in the form of a quiet whistling, beeping, buzzing or humming sound, may increase over time.

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Collaboration with Saurer

A milestone in the history of MAN

MAN and the Swiss utility vehicle manufacturer Saurer are bound together by a very extraordinary history. It all started on 21 June 1915: That was the day on which the company “Lastwagenwerke M.A.N.-Saurer”, or LWW for short, was entered in the commercial register of the city of Nuremberg and marked the beginning of a genuine success story.

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MAN with three lives

A MAN lover and his classic

Many drivers will regret not having saved one of their old trucks. Franz Bockheim did the right thing: he has remained loyal to his MAN 15.230, which he bought new in 1966, and has painstakingly restored it.

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Meet the club members

Once you’ve taken part in a Truck Grand Prix, you will always take part in the Truck Grand Prix

Who is part of the MAN Trucker’s World? In the ‘You’re not “in” if you’re not in here’ section, club members of the MAN Trucker’s World magazine have been telling us their personal MAN stories for years.

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