An end to wage dumping.


First step towards consistent social standards for truck drivers


Higher wages and better working conditions: EU transport ministers have set in motion fairer regulations for professional drivers in the EU.


This will allegedly lead to consistent social standards: the same wage for the same job in the same location. EU transport ministers expect that the planned new regulations will bring about greater fairness for drivers and transport companies. It is a step towards combating social dumping and unfair competition.


One of the aims is to end the grievances on overcrowded motorway car parks. Drivers are to no longer be allowed to spend their weekly rest periods in the driver’s cab. Instead, hauliers would be obligated to pay for accommodation for their drivers. However, this isn’t about a complete cab ban. With the exception of the regular weekly resting periods, drivers may still sleep in their trucks after a regular shift.


A break at home every four weeks

On the road for weeks on end without going home? In future, four weeks is to be the maximum time period allowed. This decision rules that professional drivers may only be on the road for a maximum of four weeks at a time in Europe.


Changes to cabotage

Three cabotage trips will continue to be the maximum number allowed within a seven-day period. However, in future, systematic cabotage is to be curbed due to a mandatory break of five days. Further cabotage trips in the same country with the same truck may only take place after this period. Transport ministers expect controllability of cabotage regulations to improve, thanks to an intelligent tachograph that is to become obligatory from 2024.


The changes are supposed to improve living and working conditions for the approximately two million professional drivers in Europe. However, before the new regulations can come into force, an agreement still needs to be reached with the European Parliament.



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