A completely new type of vehicle


MAN moves into the next generation with the MAN CitE


The shapes of the MAN CitE are distinctively avant-garde and carefully crafted from front to back. The truck’s construction is modular, nimble and low, featuring an ergonomic driver’s cab. Powered by a 220 kW electric motor, the CitE will cleanly and quietly make its way around the green cities of tomorrow. And, depending on usage, it will be able to handle routes of up to 100 kilometres (62 miles). The truck’s futuristic cab aims to give the driver maximum comfort while making their job easier. For this reason, MAN has created an innovative workplace with a whole host of smart new features. A major challenge for the manufacturer. Rolling out the MAN CitE meant engineering a vehicle for companies that supply retailers – for hauliers whose truckers are on the road in urban environments every day, needing to pick around six metric tonnes of freight. Michael Führing, MAN Product Owner – eMobility Truck Project, describes the start of the MAN CitE project as follows: “After a week, it was clear to us. We were building a completely new type of vehicle. We needed everything, but we’d try to keep as many serial production parts as possible.”


Tackling an ambitious project at speed

Alongside product owner Michael Führing and developer Stefan Ludwig, the ambitious project was backed by an agile team, as well as scrum – a way of working that makes it possible to master complex tasks. In practical terms, this involves an interdisciplinary team working continuously on clearly defined work packages in “sprints”.


Regular communication that gets to the point

One of the concept’s biggest strengths is the open and transparent working environment and regular exchange of ideas. Every day began with a short meeting, in which the jobs to be done were discussed. At a longer, weekly meeting, the results were presented and the agendas decided for the next sprints. It was possible to work calmly during the individual sprints. It took just 18 months to develop the MAN CitE. Michael Führing puts this success down to more than just the scrum method: “It’s so important to generate the right vision at the outset. And then to let the team get on with it. The team repaid that in so many situations – they said ‘just trust us, we’ll deliver the goods’.”


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