Young talent for the construction segment


The MAN TGE 6.180


MAN will be presenting its ‘all-round talent’, the MAN TGE, for the first time at bauma, the world’s leading trade fair, in Munich. The van, a MAN TGE 6.180 4×2, displays typical versatility with a maximum permitted laden weight of 5.5 tons and three-way tipper design.The biggest tipper to date in the TGE series has a lot going for it:


  • most powerful engine,
  • 6-speed manually operated gearbox,
  • twin tyres on the leaf-sprung rear axle,
  • single cab with three seats,
  • Meiller three-way tipper.

“The MAN construction vehicles now have a little brother,” remarks Roy Tietze from Product Marketing Van at MAN Truck & Bus SE. “As a result, MAN can offer a suitable vehicle for all applications within the sector”: the MAN TGE for quick jobs on construction sites that require the use of a small vehicle, and the MAN trucks for larger contracts.


As with its big trucks, MAN is relying on its partner of many years, Meiller, to provide the tipper bodies for the TGE.



Ideal companion


MAN also provides a reliable partner for its trucks in the heavy goods vehicle segment: The MAN TGE 3.180, with its sulphur yellow paint, is an eye-catching exhibit on MAN’s outdoor stand. Equipped with a variable-message sign system, the MAN van is suitable for use as an escort vehicle for large-capacity and heavy-haulage transport vehicles (type BF4).


“A one-stop solution for heavy-haulage transport,” explains Roy Tietze. “To match the MAN TGE escort vehicle, we are presenting a MAN for heavy-haulage transport in the exhibition hall.”



As the bauma showing demonstrates: MAN provides the right vehicle for any application. For construction. And all other sectors. The TGE completes the MAN family. The small vehicle segment works perfectly within the sector, across all applications.



Anyone wishing to check out MAN’s products and meet its experts can do so at bauma from 8 – 14 April 2019.


The truck amongst the vans


If you buy a light commercial vehicle from MAN, you get more than a van. You get the MAN TGE. A reliable partner for everyday use. With a host of extras and customisation options.

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