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The only way is teamwork

In the BFS Trucksport team, everyone pitches in

The BFS Trucksport team is taking part in the European championships of the Truck Trial for the sixth year. Numerous helpers to the team ensure that for each race, the three-time European runners-up Marc Stegmaier and Jan Plieninger can put all of their focus on the sections.

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The chase for the title has begun

HS-Schoch-Hardox starts an exciting 2018 season

After eight long, Truck Trial-free months, the starting shot for the new season finally sounded on 12 May. The current European champions, Marcel Schoch and Johnny Stumpp, are back again and on the chase for their ninth title.

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MAN with three lives

A MAN lover and his classic

Many drivers will regret not having saved one of their old trucks. Franz Bockheim did the right thing: he has remained loyal to his MAN 15.230, which he bought new in 1966, and has painstakingly restored it.

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King of the lions

A portrait of an exceptional entrepreneur

In his vehicle fleet, Noël Essers maintains more than 1,400 MAN trucks. He stirred up the logistics market in his native Belgium, delivers as far as China and Argentina and still competes in rallies at the age of 74.

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Tailor-made for specific uses

The MAN Truck Modification Center turns customers’ wishes into vehicle solutions.

Special requirements require special solutions. Whether that involves vehicles to meet specific transportation requirements or tailor-made application solutions for incorporation into the body of the vehicle, the MAN Truck Modification Center creates solutions that fulfil a high degree of manufacturing and product quality.

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MAN TGS 18.500 4x4 BLS as MAN Agricultural Truck

A variety of transport tasks arise in agricultural business. Thanks to their high payload, low fuel consumption and typical high driving speed, trucks are gaining ground in the transportation chain between farm, field and warehouse.

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Full speed ahead!

The MS Utting on tour

In April, one of the largest heavy loads to pass through the district served by the City of Munich transport police was transported successfully. The MS Utting, the latest flagship of the fleet sailing the waters of the Bavarian lakes, will enter into service this summer on Lake Ammersee.

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