MAN Trucker’s World Conditions for participation in lotteries

I. Scope

These Conditions of Participation shall apply to all lotteries held by MAN Trucker’s World. If applicable, they shall apply in addition to special conditions of participation, if and to the extent such conditions are disclosed with the respective lotteries. By participating, each participant irrevocably acknowledges these Conditions of Participation, as well as the conditions and deadlines for participation specified separately for each lottery.

II.  Participation

  1. Any adult may participate. Minors shall be entitled to participate if the legal representative irrevocably agrees in writing to the participation.
  2. The prerequisite for participation is the provision of a valid postal address and a valid e-mail address. If they are not available, participation is not possible.
  3. Participation in a lottery shall be governed by the Conditions of Participation stated separately for each lottery. Registrations that do not comply with the respective valid Conditions of Participation shall be excluded from participation.
  4. Each person may only participate once. If a person takes part in a lottery several times, MAN Trucker’s World shall be entitled to refuse participation and to exclude that person from the lottery.
  5. If participation requires the transmission of materials, each participant warrants that he/she shall be the sole owner and holder of all rights of use and exploitation to the submitted material and that he/she shall indemnify MAN against any claims by third parties. By transmitting the material to MAN Trucker’s World, each participant shall grant MAN Trucker’s World ownership and comprehensive rights of use and exploitation to the material sent, unless the participant declares his/her objection in writing by sending the material to MAN Trucker’s World.
  6. MAN Trucker’s World reserves the right to publicly announce the name of the winner. The winner hereby agrees, unless he/she objects to such disclosure at the time of participation.
  7. The closing date for entries shall be announced separately in each lottery.


III. Implementation and prize

  1. In the event of more than one participant and/or more than one correct submission, the lottery ticket or the Conditions for Participation set out in the relevant lottery shall be decisive.
  2. Only the drawn participants shall be notified by e-mail or post. If MAN Trucker’s World knows the address of a lottery participant, MAN Trucker’s World reserves the right to send the prize directly with the notification.
  3. The prize shall be announced separately in the respective lottery. The prize only includes the amount stated by MAN Trucker’s World. Any further costs incurred with the acceptance of the prize, such as travel, board and lodging expenses, shall be borne by the winner.
  4. A cash payment of the prize value, an exchange of the prize and a transfer to third parties shall be excluded.
  5. MAN Trucker’s World reserves the right to publicly announce the name of the winner. The winner hereby agrees to this.
  6. MAN accepts no liability for damages incurred by the winner as a result of accepting or using the respective prize.
  7. Legal recourse shall be otherwise excluded.


IV. Data protection

MAN Trucker’s World must know the personal data of the participants, such as name and address, so that a lottery can be held. Personal data transmitted to MAN Trucker’s World in connection with participation in a lottery shall only be stored, processed and used by MAN Trucker’s World for the purpose of conducting and handling the lottery. Upon request, MAN Trucker’s World shall provide each participant with free information on all personal data stored.