Happy New Year!

New Year's greetings from MAN Trucker's World!

Many thanks to our members and fans for their support. The entire MAN Trucker’s World Team wishes you a successful and healthy new year for 2019

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Trucky X-MAS

We hope you have a relaxing festive season and wish you all a very merry Christmas!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for a fantastic year.

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A day in the life of MAN’s Father Christmas

An exclusive dispatch.

As wonderful as Christmas time is, we have to admit that it also throws some challenges our way. As MAN’s very own Father Christmas can readily attest. The MAN Christmas Truck has been making the rounds, bringing the Christmas spirit to onlookers young and old. And needless to say, our MAN Father Christmas has some thoughts – plus a few pictures – to share from his day-to-day work.

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Help for Santa Claus

The MAN Christmas truck on tour.

With so many children, Santa Claus naturally needs support. The MAN Christmas truck has stopped in many places over the last few days and has already given both young and old a sense of joyful anticipation for Christmas.

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MAN colourful.

Christmas painting template.

Even our little truck fans have very clear ideas of what a really cool truck should look like. You can design your favourite truck with our painting template available for download.

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MAN e-Card

Now hurry up.

The holidays are right around the corner. If you want your personal trucker greetings to arrive on time for the party, send our MAN e-Card.

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